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The Ninja Alliance

Posted in Planning on 2010-07-27 by rustpunk

Even hanging out with these folks has been fun. I joined The Ninja Alliance channel and have found folks to be friendly and helpful. Discussions of ship ganking and theft, corporate infiltration, and training plans. I did some carebear stuff in the past, but it always ended up feeling like work. This, though… it feels like fun.

Mwahahaha, evil things are afoot!


Odd reactions

Posted in Tears with tags , , on 2010-07-27 by rustpunk

Some people’s reactions confuse me. Tonight in Balginia, I had a couple of ships target me. While they belonged to different corporations, their call signs (nameless100 and nameless101) lead me to believe they are associated in some way. Unfortunately, they never actually opened fire, so I couldn’t get onto any CONCORD killmails. And in fact I never could get them to say anything. Tear fail, on my part.

But when I discussed this in the Local channel, another kind pilot invited me into a deadspace area he’d just cleared. Lots of large and medium Serpentis wrecks everywhere. I cleared something like 8 million off the site, and I didn’t even have to scan it down. Thanks, DioKahn!

Of course, his corporation (Pure Evil Warriors) has this in its description: “Pure Evil Warriors [.PEW.] – Can you fly T2? Like Solo and small gang fleet PVP? Ninja’ing? Flipping? High Sec WareFare (sic)? Looking for PVP pilots that want to experience a crap load of fun.” So maybe that explains some things. Still, I kept an eye on my directional scanner, just in case.


Posted in Planning with tags , , , on 2010-07-26 by rustpunk

I’ve mostly worked out of Balginia so far. In many ways, I like it a lot: close to Rens, popular level 4 agents, and plenty of NPC kills. Not too many other salvagers, either. But I run into a lot of battlecruisers running level 3 missions, too, and those don’t provide nearly as much salvage or loot. So I’ve started looking at the whole region for options. The Sveipar constellation looks like it might provide a lot of useful locations, with a high density of level 4 agents, a decent market in Pator, etc. I still might have trouble working through the scan hits to find something useful, but only one way to find out.

In other news, I’ve started training Minmatar Frigate V. Hopefully soon enough I can get into assault frigates and start picking fights with smaller ships like cruisers and battlecruisers. I think I’m still a bit out from being able to take on battleships, though.

Vigil setup

Posted in Planning with tags , on 2010-07-25 by rustpunk

Despite a few miscalculations here and there, Heimatar has been good to me lately. Between my Probe and a fleet of Vigils, I’ve managed to earn sufficient ISK to get all my basic quality implants. Occasionally, when I want to live on the edge, I fit out my Vigils a little more extravagantly:

[Vigil, Salvage 2]

3x Salvager II

1MN Afterburner II
Target Painter I
Medium Subordinate Screen Stabilizer I

2x Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

2x Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

My next goals include getting some of those cool ‘Prospector’ implants that Poteque Pharmaceuticals makes, like a PPF-1 or PPH-1. A PPY-1 should speed things up when I’ve gotten myself in harm’s way, too.

And I should finish my training for a Cheetah in about a week and a half. That will speed things up, too.

First tears

Posted in Tears on 2010-07-24 by rustpunk

You know, she could have just shot at me.

[ 2010.07.23 02:55:07 ] Sethra Theyounger > stop salvaging my stuff
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:08 ] Rustpunk > o/
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:11 ] Rustpunk .; Why?
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:20 ] Sethra Theyounger > because I need it
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:28 ] Sethra Theyounger > that's why I took this mission
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:30 ] Rustpunk > So do I
[ 2010.07.23 02:55:45 ] Sethra Theyounger > well do your own missions
[ 2010.07.23 02:56:11 ] Rustpunk > Don't need to do my own missions when there's plenty of salvage already available
[ 2010.07.23 02:56:40 ] Sethra Theyounger > that's cheap dude
[ 2010.07.23 02:56:48 ] Rustpunk > Cheap how?
[ 2010.07.23 02:56:57 ] Rustpunk > You get LP and ISK payments
[ 2010.07.23 02:56:59 ] Rustpunk > I get salvage
[ 2010.07.23 02:57:05 ] Rustpunk > it works fine.
[ 2010.07.23 02:57:28 ] Sethra Theyounger > I hate people that can't do their own damn missions and leech off others
[ 2010.07.23 02:57:55 ] Rustpunk > Eh. I'm making ISK, not friends.
[ 2010.07.23 03:07:54 ] Rustpunk > Have fun!

The take didn’t make me rich or anything, but as I’m still buying up my +3 implants, every bit helps!

More when I have time.