Angel’s wings gonna carry you away

I spent some time in Gulfonodi tonight, including picking up a few stray Caldari State crews who seemed to have lost their way. Hopefully a few of them will sign on with me, as they’ve generally got some decent training from those megacorps.

But then I ran across a Rattlesnake who was slicing through a Cartel fleet. Not much I could do to stop him, either. I had a couple of my Hurricanes crewed up and on standby, but that seemed like a fight I’d lose in a hurry.

Instead, I informed him in the Local channel that I was there on a Cartel ‘search and rescue’ mission. He didn’t seem to mind, so he didn’t start torpedoing the wrecks like some of those homicidal maniacs. I picked up everybody I could. Apparently the local capsuleers haven’t seen many salvagers lately.

Guess I’ve found the place for me to work for now.


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