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Angel’s wings gonna carry you away

Posted in Journal with tags , , , , , on 2010-11-24 by rustpunk

I spent some time in Gulfonodi tonight, including picking up a few stray Caldari State crews who seemed to have lost their way. Hopefully a few of them will sign on with me, as they’ve generally got some decent training from those megacorps.

But then I ran across a Rattlesnake who was slicing through a Cartel fleet. Not much I could do to stop him, either. I had a couple of my Hurricanes crewed up and on standby, but that seemed like a fight I’d lose in a hurry.

Instead, I informed him in the Local channel that I was there on a Cartel ‘search and rescue’ mission. He didn’t seem to mind, so he didn’t start torpedoing the wrecks like some of those homicidal maniacs. I picked up everybody I could. Apparently the local capsuleers haven’t seen many salvagers lately.

Guess I’ve found the place for me to work for now.


Cartel SAR gone awry

Posted in Journal with tags , , , , , , on 2010-11-14 by rustpunk

No, I don’t plan to talk much about where I’ve been lately. Let’s say it involved a lot of drinking and leave matters there. I should probably note, however, that I’ve gotten myself into a contract with the Angel Cartel. So far? Totally worth it. Talk to me offline if you want to know more.

'Exxxotica B-roll' by Anna FischerI got back out in Emolgranlan today with a Hurricane in my hangar. This way, I figured, if somebody shot at me while I went out on SAR duty, I could come back and finish the job. I ran across a mission contractor in a CNR who shot at me, but when I returned, he’d already fled the scene. The local Angels didn’t really understand why I had appeared, I guess, since they later shot out my Vigil from under me. Too bad, because I had a couple of nice girls on board… Still, I got some nice equipment out of it all, so in the end I made a decent profit on the sortie.

Later, though, I ran across a Drake who fired on me as well. When I returned in the Hurricane, he also fled. I holed up nearby in D-scan range and waited. Sure enough, after a few minutes, I saw a Drake on scan again. Hm, different ship name? No matter, he’s probably trying a little psyops or something.

Unfortunately for me, this Drake had come prepared. A Drake that flew faster than a Hurricane? With a point equipped? I hadn’t quite expected that, so I lost another pair of nice girls on-board the battlecruiser. Oh, and the crew. Always a few more folks looking for work, though, particularly given how many Cartel crews I’ve brought back from deadspace wreckage.

UPDATE: The girls survived. Not that it matters to me directly, but this way the others back in my suite won’t get too melancholy.