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Keeping it clean

Posted in Notes with tags , on 2010-08-05 by rustpunk

I spent some time in Emolgranlan tonight, checking out the belts and seeing what I could see. We have an ice belt out here, so I thought I’d go make sure everyone was keeping it clean.

That wasn’t entirely the case, unfortunately. They didn’t have any jetcans out but they’d left rat droppings everywhere — Angel wrecks. That just wouldn’t do, so I took whatever they’d left.

I noticed my overview showed a Domination Ambusher had met his end here, but then my sensors reported that the wreck still had some equipment left in it.

Despite the fact that I was over 100 km away, I proceeded with all due haste and found it chock full of interesting stuff. The tag and Domination Proton S looked good…

…but that Low-Grade Halo Alpha looked even better. In Heimatar, it’s only worth about 6m ISK, but that still made my day.