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Cartel SAR gone awry

Posted in Journal with tags , , , , , , on 2010-11-14 by rustpunk

No, I don’t plan to talk much about where I’ve been lately. Let’s say it involved a lot of drinking and leave matters there. I should probably note, however, that I’ve gotten myself into a contract with the Angel Cartel. So far? Totally worth it. Talk to me offline if you want to know more.

'Exxxotica B-roll' by Anna FischerI got back out in Emolgranlan today with a Hurricane in my hangar. This way, I figured, if somebody shot at me while I went out on SAR duty, I could come back and finish the job. I ran across a mission contractor in a CNR who shot at me, but when I returned, he’d already fled the scene. The local Angels didn’t really understand why I had appeared, I guess, since they later shot out my Vigil from under me. Too bad, because I had a couple of nice girls on board… Still, I got some nice equipment out of it all, so in the end I made a decent profit on the sortie.

Later, though, I ran across a Drake who fired on me as well. When I returned in the Hurricane, he also fled. I holed up nearby in D-scan range and waited. Sure enough, after a few minutes, I saw a Drake on scan again. Hm, different ship name? No matter, he’s probably trying a little psyops or something.

Unfortunately for me, this Drake had come prepared. A Drake that flew faster than a Hurricane? With a point equipped? I hadn’t quite expected that, so I lost another pair of nice girls on-board the battlecruiser. Oh, and the crew. Always a few more folks looking for work, though, particularly given how many Cartel crews I’ve brought back from deadspace wreckage.

UPDATE: The girls survived. Not that it matters to me directly, but this way the others back in my suite won’t get too melancholy.


Keeping it clean

Posted in Notes with tags , on 2010-08-05 by rustpunk

I spent some time in Emolgranlan tonight, checking out the belts and seeing what I could see. We have an ice belt out here, so I thought I’d go make sure everyone was keeping it clean.

That wasn’t entirely the case, unfortunately. They didn’t have any jetcans out but they’d left rat droppings everywhere — Angel wrecks. That just wouldn’t do, so I took whatever they’d left.

I noticed my overview showed a Domination Ambusher had met his end here, but then my sensors reported that the wreck still had some equipment left in it.

Despite the fact that I was over 100 km away, I proceeded with all due haste and found it chock full of interesting stuff. The tag and Domination Proton S looked good…

…but that Low-Grade Halo Alpha looked even better. In Heimatar, it’s only worth about 6m ISK, but that still made my day.