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Odd reactions

Posted in Tears with tags , , on 2010-07-27 by rustpunk

Some people’s reactions confuse me. Tonight in Balginia, I had a couple of ships target me. While they belonged to different corporations, their call signs (nameless100 and nameless101) lead me to believe they are associated in some way. Unfortunately, they never actually opened fire, so I couldn’t get onto any CONCORD killmails. And in fact I never could get them to say anything. Tear fail, on my part.

But when I discussed this in the Local channel, another kind pilot invited me into a deadspace area he’d just cleared. Lots of large and medium Serpentis wrecks everywhere. I cleared something like 8 million off the site, and I didn’t even have to scan it down. Thanks, DioKahn!

Of course, his corporation (Pure Evil Warriors) has this in its description: “Pure Evil Warriors [.PEW.] – Can you fly T2? Like Solo and small gang fleet PVP? Ninja’ing? Flipping? High Sec WareFare (sic)? Looking for PVP pilots that want to experience a crap load of fun.” So maybe that explains some things. Still, I kept an eye on my directional scanner, just in case.